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The vision of SDG EDUCHOUPAL is to become a national and global movement of schools and colleges that empower their students with equitable and inclusive knowledge, values, attitudes, and skills to transform them into leaders of tomorrow who successfully navigate challenges and build responsive, resilient and prosperous societies.

One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world- Malala Yousafzai.

The quote signifies the power of education and its importance. Of all the SDGs, education is the most vital component for sustainable development. It has been experienced that education is a liberating force and with all-round changes taking place, it also acts as a democratising force, smoothing out inequities imposed by birth and other circumstances. Inclusive and equitable quality education for all is clearly viewed as the key to social progress in all the countries. This intent is clearly spelt out in SDG 4, which states:

Ensure Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education and Promote Lifelong Learning Opportunities for all.

Specific targets covered under the SDG 4 are early childhood development and care, pre- primary education, learning outcomes, gender equality and vocational skills rather than mere quantum of school enrollment rates, attendance or syllabus completion.

India has made significant progress towards implementing the scheme of Education for All. Several key programmes and policies have been initiated to provide free and compulsory education to all children in the age group of six to fourteen years as a Fundamental Right. Initiatives such as Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) and Right to Education (RTE) have given the desired impetus to education system in India. As a result, though India has made substantial progress in quantum expansion and equity in enrolments across level of education, there is enough scope to strengthen quality parameters.

It is here that SDG EDUCHOUPAL shall play a crucial role. The aim of SDG EDUCHOUPAL is to build a network of educators and students to share best practices in their pursuit towards improving learning outcomes, help organize or raise funds where needy educational institutions require investment in infrastructure and strengthen community involvement in education and beyond.

We aim to bring at a paradigm shift in the mind-set of the educators from teaching to learning. SDG EDUCHOUPAL will enable educators to cultivate an action oriented, transformative pedagogy which supports self-directed learning, participation, collaboration, and problem orientation which would motivate the youth of today to find plausible solutions for the problems we are facing.

SDG EDUCHOUPAL will handhold educators by apprising them of various pedagogical skills and tools to help their students become global citizens which will promote the concept of SDGs and will help make this world a sustainable place for every life.

SDG CHOUPAL through its network with government and multilateral organizations, corporations across the world will identify and help educational institutions upgrade their infrastructure to actually provide quality, access, equity and inclusion at all levels of formal education.

This apart, all the seventeen SDGs like eradication of poverty, zero hunger, health, education and clean energy etc. have been key to India’s economic development planning in the past decades. Given the inter-dependence of SDGs, they need to be implemented in an integrated manner. It is thus that SDG EDUCCHOUPAL shall play a key role in disseminating information and creating awareness among parents and children about all the SDGs. We shall seek curriculum integration of SDGs at school level so as to sow the seed of progressive thinking towards achieving the SDG in young, impressionable minds. This shall go a long way in soliciting their support to build a developed India by 2030.

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